Gas-Powered Golf Carts Available in Warrensville Heights, OH

At Lake Erie Golf Cars, we are your trusted golf cart dealer in the Cleveland area. with top-quality vehicles, excellent service, and a huge selection, we will take care of all of your golf cart needs.

Premier Yamaha Golf Cart Dealer

We are proud to be an authorized Yamaha golf cart dealer, offering an array of models to suit your tastes and needs. We use our knowledge and expertise to help you distinguish the perfect new or used golf cart for your unique situation, and we feature Yamaha because it is the best in the market. With 97 percent brand loyalty by current customers and a number one rating in terms of reliability and satisfaction, the choice is clear, and it is readily available at Lake Erie Golf Cars.

Accessories, Servicing, Repairs, and More

Golf carts should provide you with the basic transportation that you need, but they should also be fun. That is why we offer a variety of accessories to help you make your cart as enjoyable as possible. We carry Bluetooth speakers, can coolers, rims, LED lights, and padded arm rest covers, as well as more practical items, such as batteries and tires. Not only that, but we also provide full-service repairs for your cart, and we have carts available for rent or purchase. We even offer great financing plans.

Gas and Electric Golf Cars

Our various quality Yamaha golf carts are available powered by either gas or electricity. Our gas-powered carts require very little routine maintenance, can be used all day without needing time to charge, and do not need any access to a power outlet. Electric carts, on the other hand, offer smooth acceleration, silent operation, and no exhaust fumes, but they require regular charging and maintenance of battery water levels. Many golf courses require electric cart use due to silence, while campgrounds are popular landing spots for gas-powered carts.

Models We Offer

We have all of the great Yamaha models that you would expect from a trusted dealer. Our inventory includes:

  • Electric Yamaha AC power 48v
  • Electric Yamaha Drive PTV
  • Gas Yamaha Drive PTV
  • Electric Yamaha Adventurer 2+2
  • Gas Yamaha Adventurer 2+2
  • Yamaha Concierge

Stop by today to learn more about our great Yamaha lineup and to try one on for size.